Greenville; home of the Treaty City Turtles

GREENVILLE – Greenville’s ‘Treaty City Turtles’ were running the streets of Greenville Saturday morning as they do each day of the week, year around.

The Saturday morning three-some included Greenville residents, Scott Snell, Greenville junior high cross country coach Dennis Eckstein and Darke County Common Pleas Judge, Jon Hein.

“These guys aren’t young anymore – I’m still in denial,” chuckled Hein when it was noted the three runners are not youngsters.

“The miles help to keep us young – they really do,” said Eckstein.

“Once you stop, it’s tough to get it back,” noted Hein.

Coach Eckstein will be running in the 2018 Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon, a 26.2 mile annual race run each year on the first Sunday of May in Cincinnati. The race draws more than 36,000 participants and includes a 300 foot climb after the first several miles.

“It’s a bit hilly,” Eckstein said of the Flying Pig event. “It’s a challenge to train here in Greenville, but we find some hills.”

The three runners can be seen competing at local charity races throughout the year, including Darke County Wellness Challenge that has scheduled races running from April through October.

“There are a lot of good people that run races, so just seeing other runners regardless if they are short (distance) runners or long runners, if they are walkers they are up moving, healthy county, it’s a good thing, helps the work force, helps the community’s attitude,” said Hein, “so they’re good to run.”

The “Triple Crown” challenge for 2018 has the YOLO Organization and the Light Foundation partnering up to bring a little excitement to Darke County. This challenge will involve the Poultry Days 5k, Gauntlet and the YOLO races.

“They do support charities and I just enjoy the challenge and the competitiveness and getting to know these guys from the years of running,” Snell stated. “We just have a good time out competing against each other.”

“We are a community and there is a comradery there – Becky Shumaker and her group for her granddaughter; the ‘Addie Girl’ teams,” said Eckstein. “We are all part of that so a lot of good causes. I use it to encourage my cross country kids to get out – ‘hey, coach’s doing it, we need to get out here too.’”

The name Treat City Turtles: “John Warner (BRC President/CEO, also one of the group’s runners) came up with the name,” noted Hein, “but we’re really the Fightin’ Turtles.”

“Anyone that wants to run; come join us,” concluded Hein.

PHOTO CAPTION: ‘Treaty City Turtles’ (L-R) Scott Snell, Dennis Eckstein and Jon Hein. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

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