Greenville football team scrimmages well vs. Celina

GREENVILLE – The Green Wave entertained the Celina Bulldogs in a Tuesday morning football scrimmage at Harmon field and came away with GHS head football coach Aaron Shaffer pleased with the team’s play.

“A lot of what we want to see early is enthusiasm, intensity, run around, getting excited,” said Shaffer. “I thought we played hard today. We made some plays – we missed a few. It was good to see our kids come out and get some things going early top to bottom, varsity down to JV – and then those freshmen were out there making plays so that is always good to see both offensively and defensively.”

Coach Shaffer expressed satisfaction in the team’s positive progress on the young season.

“The good stuff that we saw from Saturday to today – our offensive line it appeared we were better in our footwork, we were able to close some gaps down and work to the second level,” noted Shaffer. “Running backs and quarterbacks made some nice cuts and reads. Our receivers blocked better than Saturday which those are all things you want to see.”

Coach Shaffer was upbeat with the team’s play on the defensive side of the line as well.

“Defensively took us a minute to get used to the little dive option that they were running,” Shaffer said. “I thought we tackled pretty well today – the secondary played fairly well. I don’t know that they had too many completed balls so when you are getting pressure on the quarterback and you’re covering them up, defense turns out pretty good on the pass side of it.”

“They broke the one long run,” added Shaffer. “We have to figure out how to force the edge a little bit better which is all stuff that comes the more that you work. We have some young guys out there that are just learning it, but all in all pretty pleased both offensively and defensively.”

PHOTO CAPTION: Ethan Saylor breaks a 65 yard touchdown run for Greenville in Tuesday scrimmage against the Celina Bulldogs. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

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