Greenville football holds 7-on-7 scrimmage

GREENVILLE – The 2015 edition of the Green Wave football team made a good showing against Brookville, St. Henry and Twin Valley South on the Wave’s home field in a 7-on-7 passing scrimmage.

“It’s seven-on-seven and we’re really athletic,” Greenville Coach Aaron Shaffer said. “Obviously having a fourth-year quarterback (Clay Guillozet) helps. It’s good for spacing. It’s good for timing. It was nice to see some plays made. Justin Brown had a nice day. Clay had a nice day. Aaron Rich, he was good.”

“A young one that’s been impressive here through early camp is Eli Moore,” added Shaffer. “He’s made a couple nice plays offensively through camp, made a couple nice plays today. He’s kinda in the mix both offense and defense.”

The round-robin scrimmage had each team using a pair of 10-play series against each opponent.

Greenville’s varsity offense scored four touchdowns against Brookville and the defense had one interception and limited Brookville to one touchdown.

St. Henry was Greenville’s second opponent with the Green Wave Varsity scoring six touchdowns while intercepting one pass. St. Henry tallied three touchdowns in their series of plays.

Greenville scored four touchdowns against Twin Valley South with South throwing for two touchdowns.

“7-on-7… that’s playground football,” Shaffer said. “Real football is played with linemen and running backs too, so we have to be able to block and tackle, but overall today for what it is it was a good day.”

On the day, Greenville’s varsity threw just one interception in more than 60-offensive passing plays.

“That comes with the experience that Clay has,” stated Shaffer. “We talk a lot about protecting the football. Don’t have to take chances, take the throws that they give us. It is impressive to be able to throw 60 times and only throw the one interception, and on that one he’s coming back to the huddle saying ‘I don’t throw that in a game.’ Well then don’t throw it now then. But it’s good to see that he’s taking care of the football.”

“It was nice,” said Shaffer. “It was a good day today.”

Greenville opens their season at home against Eaton on Aug. 28 at 7 p.m.

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