Greenville fields veteran boys soccer team

GREENVILLE – The Greenville boys soccer program was on the field working out in the first week of OHSAA official fall sports.

“We are looking forward to getting started,” said Greenville head boys coach Mark Coppess.

The high school boys team starts the season low on numbers but looks to have a good season with the players on hand.

“We only have 14 players,” said Coach Coppess. “We are a little limited this year but we have some talent and with what is going on we’ll see what ends up happening.”

“We are missing a couple of them that aren’t playing,” continued Coppess. “That kind of hurt but overall with our core group we have a good solid nine that are really good.”

The team is coming off a 6-10 year including a 4-5 Miami Valley League (MVL) record with 2019 season wins coming over Shawnee (5-0), Fairborn (5-1), Stebbins (3-0), Wapakaneta (3-1), Piqua (2-0) and West Carrollton (5-0).

“Most are juniors and seniors,” Coppess said of the 2020 team. “We have a couple good sophomores but most of them are juniors and seniors.”

“We don’t have any freshmen this year so it’s a little rough but that’s all right,” added Coach Coppess. “We’ll work through it. We’re stronger than that.”

PHOTO CAPTION: Greenville varsity soccer players battle during the team’s first official week of OHSAA practice. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

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