GHS remodeling work on schedule for 2015

GREENVILLE – The last day of school didn’t lead to a quiet high school campus like it did on the other campuses in the Greenville City School District. Action started immediately after the last official session of the year, a required teacher work day. Workers began the remodeling of Greenville High School.

The framework for the cafeteria shell is starting to take shape, asbestos removal operations are underway, work has begun on the new roof and more. In the meantime year-round administrative personnel, including GHS Principal Ken Neff, have been moved to the Career Tech Building.

“Construction is going great,” Neff said. “They are easy to work with, polite… doing a good job and we’re having no difficulties doing our job.” Neff is in CT Room 204. Desks, boxes and more are pushed against the wall and stacked for summer storage. Neff’s work area is toward the front of the room.

Greenville City Schools Supt. Doug Fries is also pleased with the progress. “I’m happy that our local contractor, Brumbaugh Construction, was able to get the contract. They all are working well together. There’s lots to get done.”

The shell will be complete in the fall but not the cafeteria or kitchen. That will be finished in the fall of 2015. Administrative offices, with new security measures in place, will be ready this fall. Work on the tennis courts is scheduled to be finished in the fall.

According to Fries, the primary focus this summer will be the administrative area, a new roof, the shell for the cafeteria and a teacher workroom area.  Throughout the school year classrooms will be worked on in groups of four or five. Those classes will be moved to available space. When work is finished – it will take about six weeks – they’ll move back and four or five more classes will be moved.

Work will be continuing for air conditioning and new heating with scheduled completion for the fall of 2015. “There is a lot of above ceiling grid work… water lines and insulation… electric,” Fries said. Work is also being done in the music area. New instrument cages, acoustical tile, painting. Fries noted asbestos removal from old tile in the office area and band room is also underway.

All work is on schedule for anticipated completion by the end of summer 2015.

Fries added site prep work for the K-8 building is expected to begin in August. It will take two years to finish; the facility is expected to be ready for the 2016-2017 school year.

Construction workers are building the frame for the shell that will surround the cafeteria and offer a new face for Greenville High School.

Secure tile asbestos removal from the administrative and band room areas is part of the construction process.
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