Fright Night monsters frightened and entertained

GREENVILLE – You think you got through Greenville Library’s Fright Night Oct. 30 or 31… only a few more steps to the outside – and safety – when directly behind you… “sssss…. sssss….” Turn around and find yourself face-to-face with one of the infamous Walking Dead. The evening was not for the faint of heart.

Dylan Avote seemed to enjoy his role, sneaking up behind some unfortunate visitors more than once. According to Ruth Barga, Gateway Support Specialist, Dylan was one of 38 volunteers who were in the library both Friday and Saturday nights. Their goal? To frighten and entertain. “We had a lot of help,” Barga said. “In fact, seven of our eight school districts were represented this year.”

This is the second year for Fright Night, a fundraiser for the Gateway Youth Program. “We had some great comments,” Barga added. Many were surprised, others said they really enjoyed it. Some said it was even better than last year.

They had a number of new offerings this year, such as the young woman who had been hanged… “That was Lauren Burns. Wasn’t she great?” Barga asked. Another new offering included two young girls lying on autopsy tables. One of them, Tarryn DeHart, refused to walk through Fright Night last year. “This year she’s in it,” her mom said. Also fascinating was the Headless Horseman who greeted visitors before they entered the library.

At nearly every turn there was a witch, monster or alien ready to jump out at a visitor. The repeat offerings… mad scientist laboratory, zombie graveyard, the surgeon working on the wide-awake, screaming patient, the electrocution and more, were just a little different than the previous year. Halloween’s Michael Myers tracked visitors’ every step from behind a wall of books as they attempted to leave the library unscathed…

One young visitor started halfway up the stairs but refused to go any further. “I don’t want anyone to jump out at me,” she complained. According to Greenville Library Director John Vehre, a few people preferred to leave before completing the tour. Others simply enjoyed being scared. After all, it was Halloween.

Barga was appreciative to Greenville’s Drama Department, the Majority kids… “Our own kids…” for their hard work. She was especially appreciative to the Greenville Library and its staff for their support, help and willingness to offer their facility for two evenings. Noting they had a bigger turnout than the previous year, Barga said, “It was a big success!”

 PHOTO CAPTION: He begged for mercy, but that only brought another “blast” of electricity from the executioner at the Greenville Library’s Fright Night fundraiser for the Gateway Youth Program. (Bob Robinson photo)

Some giggled (possibly from fright?) while others stared in astonishment or hugged each other in fear. It was a scary weekend for many at the Greenville Library’s Fright Night. (Bob Robinson photo)
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