Fries answers question raised from viral Facebook video

GREENVILLE – A controversial video-taped conference between Greenville school officials, a student and her mother is being shared on social media.

The video, which the mother first shared on her personal Facebook page, was held early the week of Feb. 5. It appears to have been taped using a cell phone in the high school conference room and includes principals Stan Hughes and Andrea Townsend, along with teacher Rita Potter, the student and the student’s mother, Robyn Moore-Newberry.

The issue being discussed concerns Potter not allowing Moore-Newberry’s 15-year-old daughter to go to the bathroom while she’s in the middle of giving an oral group presentation to the class.

On Monday school Superintendent Doug Fries gave the following statement to The Early Bird:

“It is not the high school or district philosophy to not allow a student to go to the restroom. The administration is aware of the incident and (is) dealing with it appropriately so a similar situation does not occur again.”

According to the video, the student admits to telling Potter in front of the entire class she has “to go pee.”

Potter felt it was inappropriate for the student to leave at that time.

Also discussed in the video is a statement by Potter that she was “not afraid” of the student’s mother, when the student admits she is waiting to hear via text from her mom.

Potter’s class policy as of the first of January this year is for students to drop their cell phones in a container on her desk as they come into the classroom – or, as she confirms in the video, put them in their pockets.

It’s unclear whether the text the student is waiting for is about the bathroom situation or another family matter, also discussed in the taped conference.

In the video, Hughes says he believes “she (the student) should have asked more appropriately” when asking to go to the restroom.

It’s also made clear the student is on the honor roll and is involved with the schools’ FCCLA program.

The Early Bird also spoke with Moore-Newberry, who said “I fully intend on addressing what’s in the video,” adding she had nothing further to say about the incident at this time.

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