Friends of Harmon steering committee members donate labor

GREENVILLE – Six Friends of Harmon Field steering committee members met at 7 a.m. Sunday morning on the visitor’s side of the GHS football stadium to paint the front wall before the new artificial turf is installed.

“It’s a great morning to be out here,” said committee member Jon McGreevey. “You can see the progress that is going on out here.”

“It’s just being part of the project,” McGreevey said of the committee members lending their time to work on the project. “When we can do it – save some money and put that money right back into the project and do it ourselves – I think that is part of it.”

“We are committed – we have been committed for several years now with the dream,” added committee member Dustin Leis. ‘We have a passion. That’s is why we are on this committee to forward Greenville athletics, community pride and bring something here that is needed.”

Mike Stegall and Kyle Kagey spend early Sunday morning painting at GHS football stadium. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

Gone are the large white yard-line numbers on the visitor’s side with the new coating of green paint.

With the new football field slated for 2017 Green Wave home football games scheduled to start the end of August, both McGreevey and Leis are pleased with the progress to date at the stadium.

“I think it is going great,” said McGreevey. “If you look at where we are at right now, I think it has surprised a lot of people. I’m really proud to be a part of this community and what they have done to step up and help out.”

“We are very pleased,” Leis stated. “We are happy where we are at now at this phase. We are looking forward to raising more money and doing the next two phases with the field house and the stadium.”

Committee members helping with the morning project included Kyle Kagey, Larry Ullery, Jon McGreevey, Dustin Leis, Mike Stegall, Dave Ernst and son Addison, a GHS athlete.

With Dave Ernst running the paint sprayer, it left the door wide open for a comment from ‘good friend’ Mike Stegall.

“The reason Ernst is doing the painting is because when he was younger he wanted to be an artist and this is as close as he ever got with his talent,” Stegall said with a chuckle.

Progress of the project can be followed on the Friends of Harmon Field website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. With funding to complete the entire football, soccer and track project at the halfway point, Friends of Harmon continues to accept donations moving the project forward.

“Any donation whether it be small or bigger, we appreciate that generosity helping us out,” concluded McGreevey.

PHOTO CAPTION: Dave Ernst runs the paint sprayer Sunday Morning at Harmon Field. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

PHOTO CAPTION: Newly painted visitor stadium wall. (Gaylen Blosser photo)
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