Fighting on behalf of our seniors

The president’s health care law continues to wreak havoc on the seniors, families, and small businesses in our area – the people who make our corner of Ohio so great.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that 122,000 people living in the Cincinnati region alone rely on the Medicare Advantage program. Nationwide, that number is in the millions.

And because of ObamaCare, those seniors are paying higher premiums and out-of-pocket costs, as well as losing their doctor and other critical health benefits – all broken promises from President Obama.

I’ve heard from countless seniors on this issue.

Stacy and his wife live near me in West Chester, and they have had their Medicare Advantage plan for years now. Like many others, they recently lost their doctors. Stacy says that, “Any more cuts, and we may see many plans being eliminated and costs for members skyrocketing until they are entirely unaffordable.”

Remember, these are things the president specifically promised would not happen. That promise has not just been broken, but shattered.

The president continues to show that he knows ObamaCare would inflict harm on our seniors – the Obama Administration recently maneuvered to prevent the full force of its cuts to the Medicare Advantage program.

Unfortunately, the administration’s latest effort does little to address the concerns about ObamaCare’s devastating impact on Medicare.

In the House, I’m fighting on behalf of our seniors.

As part of Republicans’ long-term plan for jobs and economic growth, we recently passed a balanced budget that protects and strengthens Medicare so that we keep our word to seniors and preserve the security and peace of mind they’ve earned – that’s in addition to repealing ObamaCare and its raid on Medicare to make way for reforms that lower costs for workers, families, and small businesses.

We have called on the president and his Cabinet to develop a plan to help American seniors deal with the consequences – both now and in the future – of the president’s destructive health care law.

So far, we’ve seen no such plan.

If the president won’t work with us to repeal the law and replace it with better solutions, then at a minimum, he and his allies in Congress owe the American people a plan for dealing with the consequences of these destructive policies.

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