Ethan Henry serves as Post 140 batboy

GREENVILLE – Eight year old Ethan (EJ) Henry, the son of Chad and Lauren Henry serves as the Greenville American Legion Post 140/Greenville Thunder 19U team batboy.

“Every time we’re at bat I pick up the bats,” Ethan said of his batboy duties. “I have a lot of fun doing that.”

When asked what he does with the bats when returning them back to the dugout, Ethan had a very obvious answer … “Obviously where the bat ring (bat rack) is, where the bats are.”

Ethan, the son of Post 140 head coach, Chad Henry enjoys his duties and takes his job serious, as serious as can be expected from an eight year old.

Ethan shared comments directed his way from head coach and dad during team games, a coach the eight year old said is a ‘good coach’.

“He’s like EJ, where are you,” said Ethan, “or EJ, are you asleep.”

The young batboy is well schooled – never publically admitting he has a favorite team player.

“I can’t choose any of them,” Ethan stated. “I am friends with all of them. I can’t answer that question.”

Ethan plays shortstop for his local Greenville baseball team and wears the same No. 5 as Thunder 19U shortstop and pitcher, Tyler Beyke.

“I just play mini ball where there are like animal teams,” said Ethan. “At one point I was No. 6 and I am a normal shortstop like our shortstop No. 5 (Tyler Beyke). I am normally No. 5 and I play shortstop most of the time but we also always have one for second base but when they are not playing second base I take over second.”

Local Thunder PA game announcer Dave Henry is the grandfather of EJ as noted by the young batboy.

“Papaw Dave and then my grandma Betty (Henry),” said Ethan. “She is really good – her baking is great.”

PHOTO CAPTION: Greenville American Legion Post 140/Thunder 19U batboy, Ethan (EJ) Henry returns a bat to the team’s dugout at recent home game. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

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