Endowment for the Arts awards funds

GREENVILLE – Darke County Endowment for the Arts recently awarded funds providing assistance to four local applicants seeking financial help for projects advancing the arts in the community. Those receiving funds are Friends of Bear’s Mill, Greenville Municipal Concert Band, Fall In October Art Studio, and Greenville City School’s Muse Machine.

DCEA is a non-profit organization that receives and manages charitable gifts which are invested to produce income to benefit the arts in Darke County. In addition to annually granting monies to deserving local artists and organizations, the Endowment holds funds dedicated to the preservation of historic Henry St. Clair Memorial Hall as a community arts center as well as a fund underwriting the mission of Darke County Center for the Arts.

“Art at the Mill” features outstanding visual artists displaying their work in the art gallery at historic Bear’s Mill. Each exhibit opens with a reception that is free and open to the public which features a brief talk by the participating artists, not only offering local citizens the opportunity to view work by some of the finest artists in the region, but to also better understand the artists’ processes, motivations, and perspective. Endowment funds will support the program’s outreach and marketing expense.

Greenville Municipal Concert Band presents a popular free summer concert series in Greenville City Park; the band has been an active performing ensemble for more than one hundred twenty five years. DCEA’s grant will help cover the organization’s operating costs and musicians’ fees.

Fall In October Art Studio located in Arcanum offers art classes to students of all ages. Studio owner Brittany Bankert offers group and private painting classes, classes in clay sculpture, and a summer art camp, as well as painting parties teaching basic techniques. The money provided by DCEA will be used to purchase tools and supplies necessary for students to learn and grow from hands-on arts experiences.

Muse Machine partners with Dayton-area arts organizations and artists to offer students throughout the Miami Valley exposure to the arts, providing in-school performances and artist workshops, professional development for teachers, and performance opportunities for students as well as the opportunity to attend performances at regional performing arts centers. The Endowment grant will help enable participation in these culturally enriching activities for Greenville Junior High and Greenville Senior High students and faculty.

During the past fiscal year, Darke County Endowment for the Arts has also given funds to the Anna Bier Gallery’s Art Start program which helps local schools purchase art supplies and to Darke County Center for the Arts, sponsoring DCCA’s upcoming presentation of Missoula Children’s Theatre summer residency at St. Clair Memorial Hall July 28 – August 2. For more information about the Endowment, contact a member of DCEA’s Board of Trustees. Current trustees are Suzanne Brown, Marilyn Delk, David Feltman, Tom Graber, Barbara Greiner, Becky Hartnagle, and Andrea Jordan; Julie Strait serves as treasurer of the organization.

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