Edison student presentations expand to Ansonia

ANSONIA – Four Darke County Edison State Community College students put the skills they’d learned over the previous 14 weeks to good use Nov. 20 when they talked to a group of fifth graders at Ansonia Local Schools about bullying.

They considered this a win-win opportunity… the college students learned research, presentation skills, teamwork and how to relate to a diverse group of individuals… in this case students six and seven years younger than them. The Ansonia students learned how to respond to bullying and got to share some of their own experiences.

“I felt we connected with the kids,” said one Edison student. “We told them about the experiences we had when we were their age. They started opening up after that.”

The project is one that Edison Fundamentals of Communications students have had for several years. This is the first time their reach has expanded to include the Ansonia school district. Some of their classmates have recently made similar presentations to Greenville’s East School third graders and Woodland Heights’ kindergarten, first and second graders.

Students have to work on these projects outside of the regular class environment and in addition to their other responsibilities. They earn extra credit based upon how their presentations meet the standards of the assignment.

PHOTO CAPTION: Brady Hesler, Brett Lavy, Wyatt King and Haley Wampler – all Edison Communications students – speak to a group of fifth graders at Ansonia Local Schools about bullying. (Bob Robinson photo)

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