Darke Co. Foundation receives $2.1M gift

GREENVILLE – The Darke County Foundation recently received a gift of $2.1 million from Betty Brewer, a Greenville resident who died in September 2016 at age 90. The donation establishes three new funds at the Foundation: one supports scholarships for Darke County students, one benefits the Darke County Humane Society, and one benefits the Wayne HealthCare Foundation.

Brewer gave a portion of her donation in 2014, and the remainder was donated upon her estate settlement in September 2017. The funds are named in memory of Betty Brewer and her husband, Harold, who died in 1975.

Invested long-term, the permanent endowment funds generate income to be distributed annually to each of the three causes.

Harold and Betty Brewer owned Brewer Motor Mart in Greenville from 1949-75 and also maintained local farm land and residential properties.

“This is a momentous gift to Darke County residents,” said Christy Prakel, executive director of the Darke County Foundation. “Our community will benefit from the generosity of one woman for many years to come.”

“Hundreds of college students will receive financial assistance, and two valued non-profit organizations will be able to improve their programs and services to Darke County residents,” Prakel said.

“Betty’s deep desire was to help other people through her good fortune,” Prakel added. “She had wanted to go to college when she graduated from Franklin Township School in 1944, but her family of 12 couldn’t afford it.”

In 2014, Brewer said, “I decided to use my savings to achieve a dream for others that I always wanted for myself – to go to college.”

Brewer’s decision to designate a portion of her donation to the Darke County Humane Society came from her love of animals, especially cats and horses. Brewer also felt a strong loyalty to Wayne HealthCare for providing good medical care to her and her husband over the years. Brewer also worked in the Wayne Hospital accounting department for many years during her early adulthood.

“Aunt Betty led a private life,” said her nephew’s wife, Wanda Weyant, of Troy. “You could not tell by her exterior just how good of a soul she had, how big her heart was. Aunt Betty never talked about herself; she always turned conversations toward you and what interested you.”

The Darke County Foundation is grateful for this kind-hearted gesture that will strengthen and enrich our community for many generations.

DCF is dedicated to improving the lives of Darke County residents by receiving, managing and distributing charitable gifts. For more information, call 548-4673 or visit www.darkecountyfoundation.org.

PHOTO CAPTION: The Darke County Foundation received a $2.1 million gift from Betty Brewer, a Greenville resident who died in September 2016. Brewer (center) is pictured here in July 2016 holding a photo of the scholarship recipients who received awards from her scholarship fund. Brewer poses with her nephew, Gene Weyant, of Troy, and his wife, Wanda.

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