Dairy King rewards readers

GREENVILLE – For the second time this school year, Dairy King made a visit to reward students at Greenville Elementary.

On Friday, Feb. 1, nearly 400 third- and fourth-graders who had met their reading goals were treated to afternoon ice cream sundaes, thanks to Stephanie Baumgardner, one of the co-owners of the Greenville ice cream shop.

According to literacy coordinator Edwina Thomas, students set personal reading goals at the beginning of the school year through an online measures of academic progress (MAP) program.

“The students take a test in the fall to establish their baseline. The program calculates a reasonable goal for each student,” Thomas said.

Students take another test later in the school year to measure their progress at meeting their individual reading goals.

Classroom teachers, Thomas explained, work daily to enforce the MAP program with their students.

Third-grader Meadow Murphy, 8, said she has been “learning how to use bigger words and phrases” as one of her MAP goals, while Brooklyn Compton, also 8 and in third grade, said she was working on “how to easily read without stopping” by “looking ahead” as she was learning new words.

According to Laura Bemus, Greenville’s assistant superintendent, students in grades K – 10 are assessed three times per year using NWEA MAP online assessments in reading and math. “Teachers receive results and data immediately.  The data gives teachers an understanding of each student’s learning needs and strengths, including growth and skill mastery,” Bemus explained. “This information helps teachers to target instruction, set goals, and administrators to make well-informed system-wide decisions.”

PHOTO CAPTION: Greenville third- and fourth-graders enjoy an ice cream sundae reward for meeting their reading goals. (Susan Hartley photo)

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