Crown finds temporary home in Greenville

GREENVILLE – Tornadoes that ripped through parts of Ohio recently left several businesses with unexpected challenges. Celina was hit particularly hard and Crown Equipment suffered major damage to one of its buildings. Fortunately, Greenville was able to step forward and offer one of its buildings until Crown recovers.

On Nov. 10, Crown Equipment began moving material into the Corning building on Martin Street. They are leasing 148,000 square-feet of space on a short-term lease.

Randy Niekamp, vice president of Human Resources for Crown Equipment, said, “Crown Equipment continues to work on its recovery efforts following the tornado damage to its Celina plant. As part of these efforts, Crown has temporarily leased a building in Greenville, which will be used for the storage of incoming materials as well as material relocated from the damaged section of the Celina facility.” Niekamp continued, “As Crown works through this challenging situation, the company expresses its appreciation for the continued cooperation and support of its employees, suppliers and local communities.”

Niekamp did not share how long the company expects to use the Greenville facility.

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