Court conducts video arraignments

GREENVILLE – Darke County Common Pleas Court conducted the following audio-video arraignments Monday with defendants in the county jail.

* Sterling Seiler, 25, of Greenville appeared on allegations of violating community control sanctions. Seiler was sentenced to community control in October for an original charge of conveyance of an illegal substance into an incarceration facility.  The charges stem from an incident in which trace amounts of methamphetamine were allegedly found on the defendant’s person while visiting the Darke County Jail.

Seiler is now accused of failure to complete his treatment program and testing positive for drugs.

Assistant Prosecutor Jim Bennett suggested Judge Jonathan P. Hein set a $20,000 bond “since the defendant has shown very little compliance for community control.”

Hein agreed, setting bond at $20,000, appointing Randall Breaden to represent Seiler and also set a Jan. 28 date for a probable cause and disposition hearing.

* Mary Davis, 36, of Union City, Ohio also was appearing for arraignment for community control violations.

Davis admitted to testing positive for meth and pot on numerous occasions, failing to complete treatment and failing to report to her probation officer.

Waiving her rights to an attorney, Davis told Hein: “I was stupid. I need out of Union City. I need as far away as I can get.”

When Hein asked Davis when the last time she held a job and if she knew what her trigger was for abusing drugs, she admitted that money was the trigger.

Assistant Prosecutor Jesse Green told Hein that Davis had tested positive for drugs several times since last July – when she was employed at a Bradford company and also said the probation department wasn’t ready to give up on Davis, suggesting she be placed into a residential treatment program.

Hein agreed, stating the defendant’s “unstable housing situation,” which is adding to her situation and ordered she remain incarcerated pending acceptance into a treatment facility.

* Matthew Fisher, 39, of Jackson, was indicted in August by the Darke County Grand Jury for failure to pay child support.

Assistant Prosecutor Jesse Green asked Hein to keep the defendant – who owes a total of $17,195.09 – in jail.

“A period of incarceration would be appropriate,” Green said.

Fisher, who said he lost his license for driving under suspension, was arrested Christmas Eve in Warren County on failure to appear charges. He told Hein he had solved his issues with Warren County and was now eager to get his license reinstated so he could get a job.

He also admitted guilt to not paying his support payments, which according to Green totaled just over $200 per month until he became in arrears.

Hein placed Fisher on pre-trial supervision and said he wanted “to get a better idea of what’s going on.”

Hein ordered Fisher released on his own recognizance and told him to report immediately to the probation department.

Hein also deferred sentencing until Feb. 4.

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