Council discusses paving, parks and splash pad

GREENVILLE – Although the city has approximately $1 million in paving projects planned for 2018, they won’t be started until after Labor Day. Safety Service Director Curt Garrison shared the information with Greenville City Council at its meeting on Tuesday.

“That project (maintenance paving) was scheduled to have started already,” said Garrison. The late start by the contractor will ultimately benefit the city. The project was scheduled to be complete by the end of August, but after a meeting with Walls Brothers Asphalt, the city learned the company would not be able to start until after the project was supposed to be completed. Walls Brothers will be required to pay $500 a day for each day past the due date. “That will motivate them to get the project done,” said Garrison.

Birt Street was not part of the maintenance paving contract and it is on track to begin on schedule. According to Garrison, the street will be reconstructed and paved by the end of September.

Council learned the curbs have been installed on Fourth Street and the contractor is currently prepping to install sidewalks.

The YOLO Urban Park project will need assistance from the city to help lower the cost of moving a utility pole. YOLO had requested DP&L move the pole. “DP&L’s charge to move the pole was a little more exuberant than what YOLO had anticipated,” said Garrison. “What I’m proposing to council, and there would be no change in the budget, is for the city to dig a trench from the utility pole in the alley to the location of the new pole.” The city would also put the conduit in the ground to help save money on the project. The city’s cost would be the labor cost.

Council will also consider applying for an ODNR grant to install a Splash Pad at South Park. The grant would be a dollar for dollar match. The city previously applied for this grant and was denied, but Garrison believes there is a better chance this time of receiving the grant because the city had two other ODNR grants that had not completed when the previous application was submitted.

Garrison suggested city council put the issue in a committee to discuss the cost of a Splash Pad and possibly renovating the restrooms at the park so they will become ADA compatible. Council President John Burkett assigned the issue to the Miscellaneous Affairs & Priority Needs Committee chaired by Dori Howdieshell.

“It would be an amazing addition to the park,” said Councilman Jeff Whitaker. Doug Wright chimed in, “I think it would be a great idea.”

The application for the grant is due Nov. 1. The grant is available every two years.

At Whitaker’s suggestion, council’s Safety Committee will consider updating the 90-minute parking in downtown Greenville to three-hour parking. Whitaker believes there should be a time limit to prevent business owners and residents in that area from taking advantage of the parking spots, but pointed out there were no complaints during this year’s Annie Oakley Sidewalk Sales when the parking restrictions were lifted for that event.

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