Costs for jail clean-up expected to rise significantly

DARKE COUNTY Commissioners on Monday approved a resolution to transfer $76,000 from the county’s “other operating” fund to “maintenance and repair” for the recent meth clean-up at the Darke County Jail.

This move, Commissioner Mike Rhoades said “was the first of a few more to come” to pay for clean-up costs and new duct work at the jail, which was closed for nearly a month.

The all-clear was received to re-open the jail on Saturday, May 12, following a second round of cleaning and testing.

Commission also will have to pay for housing and transportation costs for moving inmates to Mercer County and Miami County jails.

Rhoades said commissioners are working with the sheriff’s office to implement changes for inmate processing, which may include a “panic” button and ability to seal off the jail’s processing area.

“We are definitely in the process of changing prisoner intake,” Rhoades said, adding that the meth incident last month was the first for Ohio’s jails.

“It’s made us all sit back and take a look,” he said, of the jail’s safety processes.

Also Monday, commissioners approved a three-year contract with Equature Interactive Public Safety Response Management for an upgrade to the county’s emergency recording system.

The contract is for a total of $26,587 over the three-year period.

The upgrade is due to the new countywide MARCS communication system, which is set to go live Monday, May 21, said Commissioner Mike Rhoades.

The county’s current recording system is not compatible with MARCS, Rhoades explained.


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