Construction going well; staff delighted with changes

GREENVILLE – Greenville High School’s getting a new look almost daily… somewhat noticeable on the outside; obvious in certain inside locations. The business office has a bright, cheery look thanks to installation of new windows. Greenville Schools Superintendent Doug Fries was pleased they were finished, noting the staff was also happy about it.

Assistant Principal Dave Torrence was delighted with his office… He pointed to the windows. “Before, it could be 20 degrees outside but with the sun streaming in the windows, 80 degrees inside.” Referring to some of the rooms on the second floor that had been remodeled, he said, “I used to walk upstairs and by the time I came back down I’d be sweating.”

Climate control (and the new windows) makes the difference, he noted. “It’s a beautiful thing!”

Jon McGreevey, GSD Career Technology and Business Operations Director,” showed a few of the areas completed, or nearing completion. “The HVAC system was the big operation over the summer,” McGreevey said. It required an electrical upgrade, with a small room devoted exclusively to housing it. “When it’s complete individual rooms will be computer controlled from a single location.” The system was already in operation in some areas, including the administrative offices and several of the classrooms.

Mrs. Huffman’s art class was one of them. Students were working comfortably in a climate-controlled room. Music rooms had a new look… storage areas for equipment, acoustical tiling, climate control. Students were working quietly in a remodeled study hall with the stage removed. McGreevey noted there were stages available at the gymnasium, and Memorial Hall for big events. “It was an unnecessary duplication,” he said. Rooms are being remodeled four or five at a time during the school year; currently the work is being done on the second floor. He showed how the hallway blocks off the rooms currently under construction. “These should be finished in the next couple of weeks,” he said. McGreevey also noted the roof of the high school… work there is pretty much complete.

“Things have really gone smoothly,” he said. “Staff has worked well with the construction… it’s been a real team effort.”

Fries said the K-8 building on North Ohio is also on schedule. “The Board has approved the foundation package; it’s been sent off to the Ohio Schools Facility Commission for approval. The ‘Early Site’ package is the current phase; the ‘Foundation’ package is next. We anticipate that will begin about the second week of November.”

Tiffany Labig (left) and Lisa Beasecker noted getting used to the new look and space of the remodeled business office has been a pleasure. It offers a distinct new feel for visitors at Greenville High School. (Bob Robinson photo)

Students are hard at work in Mrs. Huffman’s art class. It was one of the first rooms to be remodeled under the plan to work on four or five rooms at a time during the school year. (Bob Robinson photo)
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