Blue Devils down Blackhawks

PITSBURG – The Brookville Blue Devils brought a 7-0 record into the opening game of the Jet Holiday Tournament at Franklin Monroe High School to defeate the Mississinawa Valley Blackhawks by a 58-31 score.

“They played well,” MV coach Tim Barga said of Brookville. I have to give that to them. They did everything we thought they would do – drive, penetrate, dish-off, layup after layup after layup. We just weren’t quick enough to handle their guys.”

Brookville took the opening period 17-9 and the second quarter of play 14-8 to lead 31-17 with the teams heading to the halftime break.

Period No. 3 went to Brookville 11-6 to give the Blue Devils a 42-23 lead and went on to take the final quarter 16-8 for the win and move into the Saturday night championship game.

“I thought we would do better,” Barga stated, “but we didn’t.”


BROOKVILLE – J. Gudorf 21, D. Turner 12, M. Willis 11, W. Turner 6, AJ Eller 3, T. Dafler 3, D. Dominique 2 – TOTALS 23 9-15 1 58

MISSISSINAWA VALLEY – DJ Howell 10, B. Scholl 9, X. Manning 4, M. Dirmeyer 2, W. Hall 2, T. Collins 2, J. Fett 2 – TOTALS 14 0-0 1 31

Brookville 1 (T. Dafler 1)
Mississinawa Valley 1 (B. Scholl 1)


17-14-11-16 58 Brookville
09-08-06-08 31 Mississinawa Valley

PHOTO CAPTION: DJ Howell brings the ball up-court for the Blackhawks in opening game of 2018 Jet Holiday Tournament. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

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