Bixler to run 3 in this year’s harness racing

GREENVILLE – Gavin Bixler, Bixler Racing Stable, will be running three of his six horses at the Darke County Fair this week. “The others will be at Scioto Downs in Columbus,” he said. Bixler, who keeps his horses at the fairgrounds stable throughout the year, added he likes to “put a few here” at his hometown fair.

The horses racing at this fair for the first time are Fantasy Character, RM Morning Sunshine and Rush the Sand. Bixler said overall “we’ve done ‘so-so’ in the past… had a few wins.”

A member of his team, Steve Moon who had been working on one of the horses going to Columbus, said “we’re eating better than a lot of guys in this business.” After a slight pause, he added he doesn’t usually talk a lot, saying “I run below the radar… usually.”

Bixler was putting together different combinations of feed for his horses. “All have a little different diet,” he said. Getting them ready to race? “We just keep taking good care of them. Work on their legs a lot!”

Moon, taking a break, quipped “I also shoe horses… if you see me I’ll usually be under one.”

Harness racing at the Grandstand is scheduled for 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. Aug. 16, 21 and 22.


Gavin Bixler, Bixler Racing Stable, grooms Fantasy Character as part of his daily routine. Fantasy Character will be running in this year’s fair.

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