Ansonia’s Jason Wright – father, teacher, coach

GREENVILLE – Ansonia cross country coach, Jason Wright is much more than just a high school coach and like many has had to make adjustments in multiple areas as most have been required to do due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wright and his wife Rachelle are the parents of the Tigers 2019-2020 Homecoming Queen Olivia Wright (senior), Emily (sophomore), Brady (fourth grade) and Trevor, a second grader at Ansonia Local Schools.

Coach Wright teaches Ansonia High School biology and a college credit plus, anatomy and physiology one and two Class.

“I am very blessed to be a part of Ansonia,” said Wright. “Our administrators and our district was very well prepared for something like this, the Coronavirus, because they place a very high value on technology in our school.”

The father of four understands the many effects the virus is having on students from his family’s daily routine during these difficult times. Both Olivia and Emily are high school athletes and are currently missing out on the 2020 track and field season.

“The girls that are in my own household, I get to see what this is doing with Olivia and Emily,” Wright stated. “I can only imagine how many thousands of other kids here in this Miami Valley area – it’s been difficult for them.”

“I can see with my own kids, they desperately miss seeing their own friends, that social component that they should be experiencing now and of course the competitive aspect of being out on the softball field or being out on the track.”

“I know they are disappointed but I just keep trying to encourage them that all these things have been done for a reason, they have been done to protect people as difficult as it is. We have to sometimes just preach to ourselves that there is a reason for why this is taking place right now and we have to remember that.”

The Wright household is one of many that has a high school senior that may miss out on the traditional high school graduation after 12 years of studies and extra-curricular activities.

When asked if the family talks about the topic of graduation in the home, Wright stated, “Yep – we do.”

“We noticed that when we had scheduled Olivia’s grad party, now our school has postponed prom and rescheduled it for that night so we are going to cancel her grad party no matter what whether we go back to school or whether we don’t,” said Wright. “We’ll have to figure out something there.”

“It is something that we have talked about and for Olivia and a lot of kids, a lot of seniors that is something that … that’s a really hard pill to swallow. Right now you’re supposed to be looking forward to seeing you senior skip day, finishing your last year really well and having those grad parties that you get to go to over Memorial Day weekend. I don’t know if that is going to happen or not, or it may not happen when we think it’s going to.”

Wright, like most teachers chose the teaching profession because of their love for instructing our children while helping them become good citizens of our communities.

“I know this is difficult for a lot of teachers and I know it’s difficult for a lot of students too,” Wright stated. “Teachers…we are social beings. I love being in my classroom and being able to interact with my students. I miss that a lot and I know that our students really thrive in that environment too.”

“Being in that classroom, having those discussions, interacting one on one, it pales in comparison but I think the kids have been doing a tremendous job being very responsible and getting their work done.”

“I have been in communication with parents, emailing students, so the kids have been outstanding at trying to be responsible and stay ahead of the curve.”

Coach Wright is optimistic about our future and shared some thoughts not only for his students but everyone as well.

“With age comes experience and with experience comes maturity,” said Wright. “You and I and a lot of people who have lived life, a lot of them have learned so many times you don’t really appreciate moments until they become memories.”

“I can say for myself and my wife, we had all of these expectations of enjoying our daughters last season of track and going to those track meets and enjoying all of those ‘lasts’. I think if anything, it should just be a reminder that we are so blessed in all of those little things that we typically take for granted each day.”

“The ability to go to work – I am still so blessed that I get to work from home. I know there are so many people that lost their job because of this and they are floundering. My heart goes out to those people. This has really impacted families that have lost a loved one, that’s tragic.”

“We’ve lost some track meets and that is sad,” continued Wright. “I know that means a lot to our kids, but this has effected so many people in so many different ways and I just really hope when things go back to normal that maybe everybody who has experienced this once in a lifetime event – I really hope that everybody is going to remember this and I cherish those little things, to be able to go to the store or to go and have a cookout with my friends and my family and to go to church and those kinds of things. It is going to make them a lot sweeter when we get back to doing them again.”

“We often say at Northside Community, our church, that sometimes it can be difficult to see the blessings in the burden and right now we really feel very burdened with all the restrictions and the things that have been taken away, but like a lot of circumstances, when the Lord leads us out of these moments and we are able to look back on them, we get to see so many ways that we are taken care of even in times when it is uncomfortable.”

“In my personal life I can look back and say, yes, that was a difficult time,” concluded Coach Wright. “It left some scars but look at the blessings that took place throughout it and look at the testimony that we can have on the other side. I do believe that even in these difficult and burdensome times there are still blessings all over the place if we are just willing to be open to recognizing them for what they are.”

PHOTO CAPTION: Ansonia coach and school teacher, Jason Wright. (Stockton Studio photo)

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