Ansonia’s Brock Shellhaas soars to new heights

ANSONIA – Ansonia freshman Brock Shellhaas locked up the No. 1 slot for a freshman pole vaulter in the US setting back-to-back personal records, the second a 15-foot vault to secure his position as the nation’s best freshman high school pole vaulter.

“We had some top jumpers in the barn today,” said Steve Shellhaas, owner of the pole vault facility. “We had some really good quality jumpers for the small meet that we had. We have some of the better jumpers in the state here today.”

Also setting two personal record for the girls was Beavercreek’s Eileen Yang with a final vault of 11-06.50 making her the top female freshman pole vaulter.

The two freshman record setters took place at the Ultimate Air Facility in Ansonia hosted by the Ultimate Air Club of Ansonia.

The event was the first at the Ansonia location to include a Canadian vaulter making it an international event. Maya Fetic, one of Canada’s best vaulters from Niagara Falls also competed at the one day event.

“She is one of the best jumpers in Canada,” said Shellhaas. “She has won their nationals event in the Junior Nationals. She wanted to jump against some girls that are her quality, so they drove to jump today in little Ansonia, Ohio.

“It’s our first international jumper so it was really kinda cool to have someone from Canada,” add Shellhaas. “She’s going to be a good little jumper. She is very good and passionate, so it was fun to have her up. Hopefully we see her again.”

Greenville’s AJ Frens along with Ansonia’s Brock Shellhaas both led the boys with vaults of 15-foot. Greenville’s Ryan Trick cleared 14-foot on the day and Matthew Hounshell finished a 10-06.25.

Greenville’s Meg Rehmert finished third with a vault of 11-00.75 and Lexi Addington followed with a 10-06.75 vault.

“I’ve really enjoyed being a part of the barn here,” said Greenville pole vault coach Micah Coblentz. “Steve and I work really well together. We’ve seen a lot of improvements come from all the kids that are coming out here.”

“It has been invaluable to us just when you have a week that is rainy, being able to come up here for at least a day or two and get a practice in.”

Versailles freshman Lucy Prakel come in with a 10-00. 75 vault for the girls.

“We are very blessed and it’s great to share,” Shellhaas said of the barn he and wife Amy own and make available to vaulters. “I love to see kids out here jumping. That’s our passion. We’re spoiled to have this type of indoor facility at our fingertips to use. We used to be able to jump two months a year because of weather, now we can jump 12 months a year and it’s always 64 degrees and no wind so it’s perfect jumping conditions.”

“Any kid that wants to jump, we will coach so it doesn’t matter who they are, where they are from,” added Shellhaas. “I probably coach 10 different schools and 30-40 kids a year. It just doesn’t matter. We want jumpers to be good, we want them to be safe. We run a camp in March – we offer a free camp for junior high kids.”

The only requirement is to be a USATF member. A USATF membership fee is $20 and covers insurance.

To learn more about about the Ultimate Air Club facility in Ansonia (Rossburg) log on to

1. Graysen Simmons – Senior – Wayne 12-06.00
2. Eileen Yang – Freshman – Beavercreek 11-06.50
3. Meg Rehmert – Senior – Greenville 11-00.75
4. Christine Moser – Junior – Troy 10-06.75
5. Lexi Addington – Senior – Greenville 10-06.75

6. Emily Hornberger – Freshman – Milton-Union 10-06.75
7. Codi Scogins – Junior – Wayne 10-00.75
8. Makensie Wasson – Junior – Beavercreek 10-00.75
9. Jessica Break – Freshman – Coldwater 10-00.75
10. Lucy Prakel – Freshman – Versailles 10.00.75
11. Emily Bohman – Junior – Russia 10-00.75
12. Selene Weaver – Freshman – Franklin Monroe 9-07.00
13. Caitlin Meyer – Junior – Fort Loramie 8-07.00
14. Sarah Pinchot – Freshman – Russia 8-01.25
15. Kloe Muntz – Junior – Wayne 7-07.25
16. Julia Rengering – 7th Grade – Beavercreek 7.07.25

  1. AJ Frens – Senior Greenville 15-00.00
  2. Brock Shellhaas – Freshman – Ansonia 15-00.00
  3. 3. Xach Barsala – Senior – Lebanon 14-06.00
  4. 4. Colin Jasin – Junior – Centerville 14-06.00
  5. Dalton Shepler – Freshman – Vandalia-Butler 14-00.00

6. Alan Holdheide – Senior – Fort Loramie 14-00.00
7. Ryan Trick – Junior – Greenville 14-00.00
8. Tyler Wasson – Sophomore – Beavercreek 13-00.25
9. Brett Booso – Senior – Tri-County North 12-06.25
10. Blaine Brokschmidt – Sophomore – Miami East 11-06.50
11. Matthew Hounshell – Junior – Greenville 10-06.25
12. Cameron Bye – Junior – Coldwater 10-06.2513.

13. Charles Wray – Sophomore – Fort Loramie 9-07.00

PHOTO CAPTION: Brock Shellhaas clears 15 foot giving the Ansonia freshman a new personal record in the pole vault (Gaylen Blosser photo)

Canada’s Maya Fetic clears the bar at Ultimate Air USATF pole vault meet in Ansonia (Gaylen Blosser photo)


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