Ansonia holds prom week mock crash

ANSONIA – Days before prom night, Ansonia High School students learned about the deadly consequences of being irresponsible behind the wheel.

On Thursday morning the school held a mock crash to hopefully inspire the students to make smart decision while celebrating their prom.

The 60-minute presentation is part of Miami Valley Hospital’s CareFlight Drive Smart program which recreates a fatal motor vehicle accident, giving students the opportunity to see firsthand what happens at an accident scene. As the re-enactment of a rescue unfolds, students witness injured classmates taken away by ambulance and by CareFlight and even visualize a fatality of one fellow student. The impaired driver, that caused the deadly crash, is given a field sobriety test before being handcuffed and taken to jail for his poor decision to get behind the wheel drunk.

Students also heard from Laura Seger, a mother that lost her son as a result of an impaired driver. Her tragic story was a grim reminder of how a fun night could turn deadly and changes the lives of everyone involved forever.

Ansonia High School art teacher, Danielle Rhonemus, helped organize the event with the hope of making sure everyone has a safe and memorable prom. On a personal note, the scene brought back memories of losing her own cousin nearly four years ago in deadly motor vehicle crash.

“I just really hope the kids take something away from this and make smart choices so we don’t have something like this happen in real life,” Rhonemus said.

The vehicles for the mock crash were donated by Meadows Towing.

The Ansonia junior/senior prom will take place this Saturday night.

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