ACL injury doesn’t stop Greenville’s Di’Maurye Ewing

GREENVILLE – Greenville senior running back Di’Maurye Ewing was suited-up and toting the football for the Green Wave in the team’s first scrimmage of the season against Celina after battling back from a 2017 ACL football injury requiring surgery.

“He popped a nice run right through the same exact location where he tore his knee up last year – jumped right up and kept on playing unfazed,” GHS coach Arron Shaffer noted of Ewing’s 2018 scrimmage play. “He works hard. His desire is through the roof.”

Di’Maurye is a gifted athlete,” said Jim Beyke, Director of Wayne HealthSports Rehab Services. “It is going to be really exciting to see him enter the season healthy and be out there running hard.”

Through determination and the aid of a leg brace, Ewing was able to finish the 2017 season in uniform with his teammates.

“Historically it’s been uncommon for an athlete with and ACL injury to continue playing but with the bracing, being careful and putting him in the right situations it can be done,” noted Beyke.

“Last year he obviously tore his ACL,” said GHS Athletic Trainer Alyse Grillot. “That means you normally won’t play but he was determined to keep playing so we got him set up with a brace. It was just a lot of monitoring pain, making sure his quads strength was still decent enough to play. He played with a brace with a torn ACL – that was a first for me.”

Determined to play his senior season, Ewing’s dedication and hard work paid off following ACL surgery with the GHS running back following through with a painful regiment of therapy.

“It was painful but there was never a time when I said it wasn’t worth it because of my love for the game – it’s just there,” Ewing said. “Not being able to play football would just be heartbreaking to me so I had to get it done – and I got it.”

“Di’Maurye is an excellent patient,” Beyke said. “He did his homework, he was compliant with all of our instructions and he worked extremely hard because he was very goal oriented to be back on the field this fall to play football.”

Ewing is appreciative of the services offered by the local Wayne HealthCare outpatient rehab and Orthopedics Associates of Southwest Ohio that helped get him back on the field for Friday Night Lights.

“It starts with our six athletic trainers that Wayne HealthCare employs in Darke County,” stated Beyke. “Having them at the schools allows them to make early contact with our orthopedic group, Orthopedic Associates of Southwest Ohio and we can get these athletes in very quickly to be evaluated and then treated. That is what has made a big difference and then our rehab department is there to get started as quickly as we can.”

“Jim Beyke really helped me with the physical therapy aspect of getting it all back and getting the muscles so I can get back up in the weight room and start building that even more,” Ewing said. “Alyse really helped with getting me there before surgery so that when I did come back it was all good and well.”

“They can handle it all,” Ewing said of Wayne HealthCare. “I’ve seen other ACL injuries around the school and they have all been handled really well.”

“We have been real pleased working with Orthopedic Associates of Southwest Ohio and our Medical Director Dr. Safet Hatic.” Beyke said. “They make the process of referral go real smoothly.”

“I want to thank Coach Shaffer,” said Ewing. “He was understanding last year with me wanting to play on it even though he probably didn’t want me to play – but he understood that it was just what I wanted to do. I really couldn’t go without it.”

“Coach (Eric) Hanes (Ewing’s guardian/father) definitely helped especially with being there for me and helping me take care of everything that I need to get done,” continued Ewing. “My mom (Ronda Hanes) played a big part. She helped me right after surgery while I was down. She definitely kept me honest and kept me doing what I needed to do.”

“It has really been impressive to watch him if people don’t know his story with him playing on a torn ACL last year and then getting it fixed and going through rehab – to see the things he’s been able to do,” said Coach Shaffer. “Sometimes you kind of have to throttle him back a little bit knowing that we’re trying to make sure that we’re getting him ready for the season and not overworking him in the preseason, but he’s a kid that is going to come out and work hard and do everything he can to be the best player he can be.”

Coach Shaffer believes Ewing’s passion for the game is contagious and will be an inspiration to the Green Wave team.

PHOTO CAPTION: (L-R) Coach Eric Hanes and DiMaurye Ewing. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

“It’s crazy,” said Shaffer. “Last year his decision to come back was based on that he couldn’t handle not being on the field. He felt like he could play with a torn ACL and we went through all the appropriate channels and spoke to doctors and trainers and such. Mom and dad and Di’Maurye decided it was something they wanted to do so we threw a brace on him and off he went. We have a lot of kids that want it but his want it may be at another whole level. We have a lot of guys like that – they want it so bad that it drives everybody else.”

“Senior season – last year playing for Greenville,” concluded Ewing. “It’s going to be great.”

PHOTO CAPTION: Di’Maurye Ewing carries up the middle for Greenville vs. Celina in preseason scrimmage after offseason ACL surgery. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

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