About Scoop

In 1968, a tiny bird with dreams to make a difference was hatched from a royal blue-colored egg in a nest filled with shredded newspaper high atop George Street in Arcanum. As he worked daily to strengthen his wings, he was inspired as he read through ads and articles in those torn pieces of printed history that made his family’s nest a home.

Though he soon was able to fly, he did not want to join his brothers and sisters as they all flew straight south to build new homes… he was already home! He quickly got busy on launching his own newspaper, calling it ‘The Early Bird’. The name was chosen from the famous phrase, “The early bird gets the worm.” Just as the community wanted to know what was going on in Darke County, the newspaper was built to get the information to their homes as quickly as possible.

In the mid-1990’s The Early Bird newspaper outgrew the home in Arcanum and moved just outside of the county seat of Greenville to a large office building at 5312 Sebring-Warner Road. Though the newspaper remains at this location today, it is bigger and better than ever before!

After so many years of knowing the face, it was time to give a name to that friendly little bird perched atop the pages of Darke County’s weekly newspaper. In April 2014, the community voted on a name and ‘Scoop’ was the overwhelming favorite. Along with the name, it was time for Scoop to show off his colors rather than sticking with the traditional black and white. With the re-launch of the newspaper’s daily website at bluebagmedia.com, Scoop felt something was still missing… He knew it was time to spread his wings and get out to meet the people of Darke County!

On October 30, 014 Scoop got his wish! He met so many people and made some new friends at the Greenville’s Beggars Night. He gave tons of high-fives, hugs and took pictures with the kids. That night was so special to this big, loving blue bird…Seeing the smiles on all the kids’ faces really warmed his heart. He no longer wants to only work in his office at The Early Bird, he needs to be a part of the community in every way possible!

Scoop is busy making plans to be at as many community events that he can for years to come. Unlike most all other birds, Scoop loves Peanut M&M’s, the blue ones especially! He wants everyone to know how much he loves to meet people and make new friends! Scoop is always ready for a hug, high-five or even a wing bump or two and of course just loves to take pictures and add them to his online photo album at the Bluebag Media Facebook page.

Scoop loves to get emails! If you would like to invite him to an event, please don’t hesitate to shoot him a message at scoop@earlybirdpaper.com. If your child wants to draw a picture or just write Scoop a letter, he loves to check his mailbox at:

The Early Bird Newspaper
Attn: Scoop
5312 Sebring-Warner Road
Greenville, Ohio 45331

Be sure to have them include their name, birthday and address so Scoop can send them a thank you or maybe even something special!