4-H Club News – Osgood Jolly

Past president Abby Bergman started the first meeting of the year for the Osgood Jolly 4-H Club on Jan. 14, at the St. Nicholas Church basement. Secretary Jamie Hoelscher took attendance by asking the members what their favorite Christmas present was, and she gave last month’s minutes. Kurt Meiring then gave a treasurer’s report. We welcomed 1 new member, Hannah Rindler, to the club.

The club discussed ideas for guest speakers, educational tours, fundraisers, and community service projects. We talked about collecting plastic caps and lids to help make benches for the town of Osgood. We voted on a fundraiser to help pay for the benches.

Advisors handed out enrollments and family guides for this year’s 4-H projects. Afterwards, we installed our new officers for the year. President: Kurt Meiring; Vice President: Clarissa Hutchinson; Secretary: Caitlynn Schemmel; Treasurer: Clarissa Hutchinson; Reporter: Lauren Meiring; Historians: Lauren Meiring and Jocelyn Tuente; Recreation: Mallory Hemmelgarn; and Health and Safety: Caitlynn Schemmel.

For recreation, Mallory Hemmelgarn brought in the game Apples to Apples. The advisors brought in snacks for the club to eat while playing the game. We ended by saying the 4-H Motto and closing the meeting.

Lauren Meiring, reporter

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