2019…here we come, ready or not

What can I say? I am glad 2019 is here and hopefully will be a more productive year in a lot of ways.

It wasn’t that 2018 was so horrible, but it seemed like we lost a lot of family and friends that left us at least with a legacy we’ll never forget.

I am not oblivious to the fact that as we get older that this is going to happen more often, yet it takes a piece of our hearts as each one occurs.

There were a number of obstacles for us this past year, but God did answer a lot of prayers in 2018, of which we’re appreciative.

I just know we’ve got to take one day at a time and pray for the best.

Good luck to all of you who have great aspirations for the new year in your social, spiritual and career lives, and, to those with health issues, I pray that all goes well and that successful recuperation occurs in each one of your lives. Don’t lose faith; stay strong…that’s all we can do.


Please pray for these people: Kelly Van De Grift, Raymond Macias, Tom Brumbaugh, Danny Brown, Neal Gray, Gary Thompson, Terri Hunt, Ruth Deal, Jack Hale, Jessi Klosterman, Marilyn Peterson, Dakota Miller, Jack Good, Mary Faller, Gruff Billenstein, Mary Ullery, Larry Badger, Wayne Neal, Bill Schellenbarg, Martha Higgins, Scott Clark, Duke Temple, Paulette (Swab) Shields, Neil Isch, Larry Hummel, Phyllis Turner, Kerry Young, Dale Clark, Judi Peters, Linda Birt Schaffer, Herbert Bayman, Adam Ullery, Vicky Henderson, Don Hittle, Emily Moody, Roger McEowen, Becky Garrett-Ross, Darcy Buckingham, Roger Tingley, Ron Kaffenberger, Crew Neaves, Jackson Stout, Katie Rehmert, Alayna Marie Brantley, Sherri Gibbons Feitshans, Irma Stewart, Chuck Davis, Dawn Oldiges, Don Booker, Tracy Pratt, Brenda “Bill” Riffell, Jim Marker, Mike Grillot, Mason Osterloh, Kyndal Wynk, Ron Kreitzer, Stacy Dorko, Keith Starks, Kohen Thwaits, Jerrod Pratt, Al Bliss, Layna Best, Wanda and Joe Bailey, Shelly Hoffman, Pappy Harshman, Bob Hiestand Jr., Rodney Hiestand, Tina Kiser Deaton, Kody Ketring, Lois Hittle, Kevin Hemmerich, Samantha Smith, Jeff Miller, Cully Canan, Tim Heck and Ron Kramer.


Jamie and I send our condolences to the families of: Shannon Peters Hall, Charles “Butch” Sanders, Ivalou Crossley, Tim Ullery, Dale Conklin, Loretta Smith Bowman, Delores Dynes, Betty Kremer, Roger Harbison, Dola Roll, Sharon LeFevre and Mark Baker.


Happy birthday:

Jan. 9 to Annette Sanders, Cheryl Ganger, Scott Warren, Tim Blakeley, Dwight Leeper, Tommy Renfro, Deb Guthrie, Tom Livingston and Scott Macnutt

Jan. 10 to Kurt Schlechty, Karen Nealeigh, Steve Bailey, Elaine Rismiller, Carol Hawkins, Betty Neal, Shelly Miller, Ted Loxley, Tom Maloy, Marcia Welch Shiffler, Norb Schlecty, Kim Campbell, Ginny Reese and Nikki Nealeigh

Jan. 11 to Craig Scanlon, Emily Moody, Alee Gates, Jacob Buchy, Kurt Schlechty, Deanna York, Bryant Fox and Chris Eby

Jan. 12 to Kendra Brewer, Kelly Hileman, Tim Cook, Valerie Kuntzman, Kasey Byrd Widener, Tim Bertke, Deanna York, Tim Cook, Valerie Kuntzman and Dave Webb

Jan. 13 to Betsy Nisonger, Susan Leis Butts, June Miller and Tricia Oliver Leichty

Jan. 14 to Brad Shafer, Amber Biddlestone, Susan Hartley, Kaleigh Stockton, Christy Turner Smith, Sammy Holsapple, Linda St Myers, Aaron Sebring, Larry Pierron, Peggy Pretzman and Joy Roseberry

Jan. 15 to Betty McMiller, Jane Faller Hole and Tyler Neal

Jan. 16 to Jeanette Ida Noggle, Jim Grant, Kody Ketring, Marilyn Weider, Dorothy Sanders, Jeff Byram, Nancy Linebaugh, Tisha Hodson Shepherd and Brian Jones

Jan. 17 to Kevin Riffell, Jennifer Teegarden, Tyler Hiestand, Wanda Eley Burke, Anita Brown Unrast, Kenton Moore, Twila Carter, Lois Drew

Jan. 18 to Ralph Byrd, Tonya Francis Fennig, Josh Swisher, Tom Moody, Brent Erickson, Theora Rismiller and Jeff Wappelhorst

Jan. 19 to Crystal Mead Rediger, Taylor Hammaker, Kelly Kaffenberger and Deb Crist

Jan. 20 to Judie Hathaway, Josh Riffell, Karen Smith Brown Fiste, Dale Beam, Kesley Walker, Ellen Hetzler, Alex Hetzler, David Kress, Bud House and Taylor Pennington

Jan. 21 to Connie Hodson, Junior Bryant, Tina Lyme, Cindy Shuttleworth, Denise Huff and Jennifer Brown Trittschuh

Jan. 22 to Ryan  Francis, Greg Moody, Jim Holland, Tammy Hodson Mendenhall, Linda Miller Budde, Shawn Trissel, Leon Rogers, Diane Delaplane and Mindy Saylor

Jan. 23 to Diana Sleppy, Richard Ray, Mark Heggie, Dixie Whittaker, Carl Bricker and Carrie Hall Guillozet

Happy belated birthday to Frank Studebaker on Dec. 17; and Jann Studebaker on Jan. 1.

Happy anniversary to: Herb and Virgie Bayman on Jan. 9; Ron and Karen Bailey on Jan. 10; Zane and Connie Keller on Jan. 12; Treva and Bob Hamilton on Jan 4; David and Peggy Pretzman on Jan. 29; and Sandra (Riffell) and Dean Easterling on Jan. 23.

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