2018’s top cartoons hit on variety of topics

GREENVILLE – Sometimes controversial, but always entertaining, the editorial cartoons of Paul Ackley have elicited laughter, anger and disgust. Although Ackley’s cartoons on Greenville City Council and Darke County Commission receive a lot of comments on social media sites, his remembrances of community members that have passed or his congratulations for high school sports teams that have excelled are often the most shared cartoons.

The following is a list of Ackley’s top cartoons from 2018 based on shares, page views and social media attention.

In the top spot is a cartoon that received immediate attention online. It quickly soared to being one of the most shared cartoons of all-time. The Revolving Door appeared in the March 11 edition of The Early Bird and featured Darke County Common Pleas Court Judge Jonathan Hein hovering over the Darke County Jail with rats labeled as drug offender, drug trafficker, sex offender, burglar, vandal, and thief going in and out of the jail through a revolving door.

Number two on the list was a cartoon that uplifted the accomplishments of a local high school sports team. The cartoon appeared on June 3 and featured the Bradford High School softball team playing for a state championship. The Cross County Conference Player of the Year, Skipp Miller, was featured in front of the Railroaders train logo.

One of the first cartoons of 2018 made the list in the third spot. The death of the legendary musical arranger for the Army band and The Ohio State University Marching Band shocked the community. Ackley remembered Ken McCoy by drawing him holding a piece of sheet music with Brutus holding a trumpet and saluting McCoy while a tear runs down his cheek.

The Darke County Fair made it into the top stories of 2018 and one of Ackley’s cartoons highlighting the Fine Arts Building controversy was also in the top five. The cartoon, Will the Fine Arts Controversy Carry Over to 2019, was in the fourth spot. The cartoon appeared on Sept. 2. The cartoon featured a baby sitting in a basin wrapped in “discretionary tape” with just the eyes and the top of the head showing. Silhouettes of individuals were shouting, “I still see naked flesh. See it sicko. Rescind award,” and “Blasphemy.”

Rounding out the top five was a cartoon honoring Kenton Stacy that appeared Feb. 11. Stacy was critically injured by an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) in service to the United States while serving with the U.S. Navy in Raqqa, Syria. President Donald Trump shared Stacy’s story during his 2018 State of the Union address. The cartoon features a drawing of Stacy with the Purple Heart medal. The cartoon was framed and presented to Stacy and his wife, Lindsey, to show them they are still in the hearts and minds of the people in his hometown.

You can find all of Ackley cartoons on bluebagmedia.com. Many of his original cartoons are also available for purchase by calling The Early Bird at (937) 548-3330.

PHOTO CAPTION: This cartoon featuring Judge Jonathan Hein was the most shared cartoon of 2018.


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