2013 Queen Jenna King says ‘breathe and enjoy it!’

GREENVILLE – “Yeah, we’re pretty awesome!” 2013 Junior Fair King Logan Moody said, laughing. Logan and 2013 Junior Fair Queen Jenna King laughed a lot as they talked about their experiences over the past year, including the friendships they’d built.

So what was your biggest challenge? Logan… “Putting up with her!” Jenna… “Putting up with him.” They laughed again, then Logan clarified. “She was the queen. I had to take care of her… meet her needs.” Jenna nodded in agreement, adding “My biggest challenge was keeping it all together. Even when I was stressed out I had to keep it all together.”

She gave credit to Logan for helping make that possible. “Logan is one of my best friends now,” she said. “He really knew how to take care of me when I was stressed… he was an awesome king.”

“Yeah, that was the toughest part,” Logan added, grinning. “Helping her keep it all together.”

One of Jenna’s first surprises was finding out she was in charge. “I’d heard a lot about my age (she was 16 when she was crowned)… told multiple times how tough it would be. Responsibility. Maturity… in charge of seven others.” She said she was given a queen’s book. It was thick (she demonstrated with her fingers… about two inches). “The book says you’re in charge.”

Logan’s top favorite memories were getting to meet the singers (Florida Georgia Line and Montgomery Gentry) at the concert and hanging out with everyone… “I made a lot of new friends,” he said, noting specifically their Court.

Jenna’s top favorite memories were competing in the state fair contest, even though she didn’t place, and getting to know her Court. “I was told I was too young,” she said about the state fair. “I was competing with college girls.” Later she added “It was a whole different experience.” She said her court was awesome… “They all became my best friends.”

Logan had a tough time deciding how Jenna rated as the leader in charge… “Kind of hard putting a number to that. It got crazy sometimes.” Eventually he grinned and said “I’d say a 10!”

“I liked being in charge,” Jenna added. “But I wanted to make sure everyone was involved.” Logan nodded in agreement.

While the 2013 King and Queen joked about their experiences – and the stress involved in some of them – they were quick to note what “blew them away” about their year of royalty. “It was the whole experience itself,” Logan said. “The whole thing together!” Jenna said simply, “Getting queen was what blew me away.”

Advice for this year’s king and queen, Thomas Shaw and Jenna Cline? Logan: “Take care of the queen. Stay on her good side!” Jenna: “Breathe and enjoy it. Get involved. It goes by fast.”

They were busy with 13 fairs, eight parades and three banquets. Logan stayed at the fairgrounds the first night of the fair and didn’t leave until it was over. Jenna was there daily, from 6:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.

Logan, a 2013 Ansonia graduate, and Jenna, a Franklin Monroe senior, both said they plan to stay in Darke County if they can after college. They were appreciative of all the support they received from the county, especially from the Senior Fair Board.

“They were awesome!” both said.

2013 Darke County Junior Fair Queen Jenna King and King Logan Moody talk about their experiences over the past year; then give advice to the new to the 2014 king and queen.

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