1,000th career point a surprise to FM’s Conley

PITSBURG – Ethan Conley scored his 1,000th career point wearing the Blue and White for the Franklin Monroe Jets while leading his team to a 42-40 win over Brookville to capture the Jet Holiday Tournament Championship trophy.

The 6’3” junior was named to the All-Tournament Team and was also named Jet Holiday Tournament MVP.

Ethan Conley, 1,000th point. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

“I just want to thank my family for always encouraging me and always pushing me to my limits,” said Conley. “I want to thank my teammates because without them I’m not in a position to score. I want to thank my coaching staff for everything they have given to me, all the time they have invested in me and help me prepare for this moment.”

Franklin Monroe Coach Troy Myers and his staff did not inform the Jets No. 33 or his family he was nearing the 1,000 point mark with a chance of achieving the prestigious plateau in the Saturday night championship game.

“It was completely quiet – he knew nothing about it,” noted Coach Myers. “When I took the timeout and told him in his ear he was completely shocked. I love that because Ethan is a humble kid.”

“He doesn’t know what he is scoring, he just wants to get the job done,” continued Myers. “Tonight’s dedication letter for the game was Ethan, not because of his 20 points or his MVP but the backstory to Ethan is something special.”

“When you see him have the ability to do what he does on the basketball floor – all but nine years ago he almost lost his life in a real life situation,” added Myers. “Just super proud that he earned it on a night like tonight and let him have a moment because he is so humble.”

As noted in a recent Early Bird Bluebag Media story, (God still performs miracles,’ says Jets junior) Conley nearly lost his life nine years ago when he was diagnosed with a very rare condition – viral myositis with rhabdomyolysis – a virus that attacks the muscle tissue.

Doctors told the Conleys if Ethan did survive he could lose his legs, need a kidney transplant, or be on dialysis the rest of his life. He came down with several staph infections while in the hospital and developed pancreatitis – a condition for which there is no remedy.

“Definitely God,” Conley noted of who else he wanted to thank,” He healed my body. I shouldn’t be having my legs right now. This is just a testament of the miracle that God has done for me.”

PHOTO CAPTION: Franklin Monroe Jets junior, Ethan Conley is surprised with announcement he just scored his 1,000 career point. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

PHOTO CAPTION: Tyler Rhodus, FM Athletic Director and Jet Holiday Tournament Director presents Ethan Conley tournament MVP trophy. (Gaylen Blosser photo)
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