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July 26, 2016

Letters to Editor

  • Readers Write – Showing Pride & Respect

    by - Jul 10, 2016
    People have commented about me tearing up when I hear certain religious songs and patriotic songs.  A sense of respect and pride overcomes me at memorial services while watching our flag being raised.  Why?  Because I...
  • Readers Write – Facts Concerning School Building

    by - Jul 3, 2016
    Dear Editor Here are some interesting and pertinent facts and figures concerning our largest and most monumental building in Historic Downtown Greenville, Ohio.  It is situated between West 4th and West 5th Streets, between Sycamore Street...
  • Readers Write – Still get to see the scenery

    by - Jul 3, 2016
    Dear Editor, I was so glad to read in the Early Bird that Greenville is getting another Pizza place! I was worried that I was going to have to stop driving the scenic country roads, if...
  • Readers Write – Remarkable Accomplishment

    by - Jun 26, 2016
    A few days ago, Mr. Gaylen Blosser wrote an article, with the headline:  “Lady Wave wins 25th for 13th straight season.” That’s a remarkable accomplishment!  How many area teams do you know that won 25 games this...
  • Readers Write – You Make Camp a Success

    by - Jun 26, 2016
      I want to thank each and every one of you for your generous support again this year of the 2016 Matt Light Football Camp. I doubt I can properly express my appreciation for your financial...
  • Readers Write – Septic System Fees are Rubbish

    by - May 17, 2016
    Ohio Health Departments are rolling out Federal EPA mandates resulting in residents being forced to pay permit fees for ensuring their septic systems are functioning properly. The Darke County Health Department states that these permit fees...
  • Readers Write – It’s getting nice outside

    by - May 15, 2016
    Ah, May. It’s getting nicer outside. People are spending more time outdoors doing fun activities, and of course the much needed chores like taking care of the lawn. Warmer weather also means the motorcycle enthusiasts are...
  • Readers Write – Protecting Children is Utmost Concern

    by - May 15, 2016
    To the Editor: May is National Foster Care Month.  Every day my caseworkers at Darke County Children Services/Job and Family Services strive to protect children from abuse and neglect, stabilize families in crisis, and attempt to...
  • Readers Write – Heroin Dealer

    by - May 1, 2016
    I believe that anyone caught trafficking drugs in a school zone should be imprisoned immediately. Yet there was an article in your paper where a gentleman was caught doing this. FOR THE SECOND TIME IN ONE...
  • Readers Write – 5 Opinions: In Part

    by - Apr 14, 2016
    Part 1: Moving forward from our present time: using verbalism is the same dangerous situation happening today as the Nazis transforming their people. When using forward in politics is a (social move) and a (song) by...
  • Readers Write – Get Over Yourself

    by - Apr 12, 2016
    Dear County Commissioner Mike Stegall, Yes, I’m sure you’d prefer to be called “the real man’s man” Stegall or “defender of tramps” Stegall, or whatever else would satisfy your obvious lust for being recognized as the...
  • Readers Write – Huffman Supporter

    by - Mar 6, 2016
    There are a lot of people whom I have built a relationship with from my fortunate position in elective office.  In that time, I have met a handful of persons who stand out above the rest...
  • Readers Write – Support for Aultman

    by - Mar 6, 2016
    Our community. Our kids. What could be more important? As an active voter and a concerned member of the Darke County community, I would like to strongly endorse Matt Aultman for Darke County Commissioner. Having known...
  • Readers Write – Winteregg Supporter

    by - Mar 6, 2016
    Dear Editor: Right now our televisions are being flooded with words from several candidates running to fill John Boehner’s empty house seat.  I believe actions are worth more than expensive campaign ads. I first became aware...
  • Readers Write – Support for LeMaster

    by - Feb 28, 2016
    Vote for Joe LeMaster for Darke County Commissioner in the March primary on March 15 or during the early voting time period. Joe is a strong family man that wants to keep Darke County a great...
  • Readers Write – Leadership Produces Results

    by - Feb 28, 2016
    Back in 2009 the Darke County Economic Development Office was in search of an individual to provide leadership for its newly created Partnering for Progress program. Being a member of the search committee and taking part...
  • Readers Write – Farewell to a Friend

    by - Feb 28, 2016
    This past week Marc Saluk, the Darke County Economic Development Director, resigned from his position to take a similar position in Hunterdon County, New Jersey.  Marc is going home.  Marc is from the Philadelphia area, and...
  • Readers Write – Library Renewal Levy

    by - Feb 21, 2016
    Dear Editor: Part of our great agricultural heritage in this nation has been the tradition of free public education which has always been prominent in rural areas of our country.  The late industrialist Andrew Carnegie carried...
  • Readers Write – Hog Farm Public Meeting

    by - Feb 21, 2016
    I have seen public notice and letters in the local newspapers that on Feb. 29 the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) is accepting comments and will hold an open house and public meeting on the draft...
  • Readers Write – Do Something About Intersection

    by - Dec 20, 2015
    Dear Editor, I am writing in regards to the accident at Kruckeberg and 127. Accidents with injury and death have been there for at least 20 to 25 years. Nothing seems to being done. Why can’t...

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